Sleev-It Fire Stop Systems

Manufactured By Sleev-It Fire Systems Limited in UK
Compliance to BS476: Part 20-24 fire test standard
For Fire Resistance up to 4 hours FRP

Products Range

Fire Stop Acrylic Sealant or Silicone Sealant.

Fire Stop White Powder Coated Stainless Steel Collar(For sealing uPVC pipe).

Fire Stop Pipe Wrap (For sealing uPVC pipe).

Fire Stop Coated Board (For sealing wall opening).

Fire Stop Ablative Coating (For sealing wall opening).

High Strength Mortar (For floor application and sealing HVAC duct with fire damper).

Fire Stop Silicone Putty (For sealing electric cable).

Fire Stop Joint Strip (For sealing cable inside trucking and gap around).

Fire Stop Pillow (For sealing permanent and temporary wall opening or gap).

Fire Stop Intumescent Graphite (For sealing insulated chiller pipe and HVAC duct).