Fire-Rated Insulated Shutter & Fire-Rated Smoke Curtain

Fire Resistance upto 4 hours Integrity & Insulation for Shutter and upto 1 hour integrity for smoke curtain complied to BS476 : Part 22 / BSEN 1634-1, smoke control complied to BSEN1634-3
Insulation Roller Shutter


Vertical rolling, lateral sliding or horizontal sliding are available.

Overlapping design can provide continuous fire compartment up to 4 hours integrity and 4 hours insulation

Unique overlapping shutter hood design to provide unlimited span to form one longest fire fabric shutter

No intermediate supports, columns or center posts are needed except at two outer edges

Symmetrical design conformed to 13.4 of BS EN1634-1

Additional tested and certified to BS EN 1634-3 smoke leakage control

30 meters width x 3.5 meters height at Lantau Island in F.R.R. -/60/60

24 meters width x 8 meters height at Sai Kung in F.R.R. -/120/120

Smoke Curtain


Provide 1-hour integrity fire resistance rating.

Tested and certified to BS476: Part 22 and BS EN12101-1 with fail-safe features.

Can be either statically fixed or automatically controlled.

Can be installed without side guides as a gap tolerance is allowed around the edges through which a small amount of smoke may seep.